Trailer Selector Guide

These diagrams will help you determine the type and quantity of platform-type trailers required to transport your freight. The total freight weight and dimensions each trailer type can typically transport "legally", ie. Without state highway permits, is shown. Since there are variations within each trailer type, the information shown should be used as a general guideline. Most of these platform trailers have the capacity to handle freight exceeding these weights and dimensions for a premium charge and require state(s) permit authority to be obtained prior to shipment. Please contact us for assistance with trailer selection.

**Please note: The maximum freight dimensions and weight shown below each trailer are approximate and should be wed as a rough guideline for planning, not for making precision loading calculations. Actual loadable freight weight & dimensions vary from trailer to trailer and are based on the specs of the actual trailer & semi-tractor utilized.


Single-Drop Deck (aka Stepdeck)

Double-Drop Deck


Double-Drop w/ Detachable Deck (aka Lowboy, RGN)


Enclosed Box Trailer (aka Dry Van)

Stretch Flatbed

Stretch Single-Drop Deck

Stretch Double-Drop Deck - 2 or 3 axle (Depending on Weight)